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Mike Verhey

Many companies today are looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to engage both experienced as well as incoming employees in the pursuit of better performance.

The business terrain is changing rapidly yet, traditional training and development strategies are not generating the returns they have in the past. Group and team action groups (group coaching) is emerging as a powerful new contributor to building and accelerating that performance.

As a dynamic, results driven coach and facilitator Mike has a demonstrated ability to introduce new concepts and guide organizational change through tools like group coaching. With experience working in a wide variety of organizations and industries, Mike has developed a track record for integrity, excellent relationship management skills and the ability to interact effectively with employees at individual contributor level to strategic management.

Partial List of Clients

Colgate Palmolive, Bombardier Aerospace, IMAX, Ford Motor Company, Industrial Alliance Financial Services Inc., Laidlaw, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Bell Canada, HP, Merrill Lynch, Maritz, Apple, Xerox, MTS, Air Canada, Beckman Coulter